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Développeur Who Near

SWAP is a new way to communicate with your friends.

You can take and send a photo to your friends to share your moment. And they couldnt see your photos before they sent theirs ;)

1. Step : Take a Shot

Taking photo with your camera is the best way to share moment.

2. Step : Send

Sent your photo with a message to all friends you want.

3. Step : Surprise

Your friends could see your message but not the photo. When they also share their moments then able to see your moment;)

English : photo, camera, chat, conversation, message, share, snapchat, friend, take, social network, exchange, fun, surprise, sling ,slingshot

Türkçe : fotoğraf, mesaj, sohbet, paylaş, snapchat, arkadaş, kamera, sosyal ağ, değiş dokuş, eğlence, süpriz